Our Asylum Support Service provides asylum seekers with first contact and information for claiming asylum in Northern Ireland. We support our clients in initiating their Home Office application and accessing Initial Accommodation and financial assistance, through the National Asylum Support Service (NASS) system. We are a non-governmental agency and provide a free and confidential service. Our staff are not employed by the UKBA.

Below is a list of the main services we provide:

·        Advice and guidance on making a claim for asylum and the asylum process 

·        Initial assessment of support needs and discussion of support options

·        Arrangement of Emergency/Initial Accommodation

·        Assessment and referral of urgent needs, e.g. clothing, medical

·        Briefing clients on the NASS process and time scales involved

·        Applying for NASS support 

·        Liaising with NASS regarding progress of application

·        Applying for Section 4 support

·        Provision of information on legal representation for asylum applications   

·        Supporting access to community groups.

Out-of-hours service

Bryson Intercultural Asylum Support Service office is open Monday – Friday: 9am - 5pm.


In the event of newly-arrived asylum seekers arriving outside of Bryson Intercultural Asylum Support Service office hours, they should make themselves known to the police by presenting at a police station. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) can help process an application for support with the Home Office and assist with the provision of initial accommodation.

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