Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme

The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that the rights of Syrian families to privacy and family life are upheld and that best practice is adhered to by everyone while supporting these families to integrate into NI. The guidance is designed to ensure that the Syrian families coming to NI have the same protections afforded to all vulnerable people and children in NI.

Syrian families are arriving in NI under the Vulnerable Persons Relocation Scheme. They are by definition vulnerable people in desperate need of assistance and many have significant needs. The scheme requires meticulous planning to get it right and the Syrian people will need the structured support of all who are willing to help

Tremendous good will has been shown to the Syrians by politicians, community organisations and individuals and this is appreciated, however the needs of the Syrian families are paramount in determining the pace of their integration and the level of their integration into NI life. Traditionally, Syrians are a very welcoming and hospitable people but this coupled with the fact that they feel “indebted” to us, as a society, means they are very reluctant to say no to requests or not welcome people into their homes. This is especially true when the requests come from people they view to be in “authority”.

This guidance upholds the commonly agreed principles which underpin a number of safeguarding policies and include: the regional ‘Adult Safeguarding: Prevention and Protection in Partnership’, the “Regional Child Protection Policy and Procedure”, “Standards for Child Protection Services” and the new “Co-operating to Safeguard Children and Young People in Northern Ireland” guidance published 25th March 2016 all of which have been issued by the Department of Health and Social Services and Public Safety.


Safeguarding vulnerable people is everyone’s business; in particular the welfare of the child is paramount.

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