After the screening interview, the authorities will ask you to attend a longer interview to ask you about your reasons for claiming asylum. It is important to try to see a legal representative before the interview. You should also ask for an interpreter to be available at the interview if needed. If you prefer to be interviewed by a female or a male, you can also request this. At the interview you should give as much detail about your asylum application as possible. You should submit any additional evidence, for example medical records or newspaper reports relating to what happened in your country. It is very important that any information and evidence that you give is not contradictory and supports your claim. You should include information about family here in the UK or elsewhere in case this affects any future applications they or you make.

Your legal representative is unlikely to attend your asylum. If no legal representative is present during your interview, you can ask the authorities to tape-record it. You should tell them 24 hours before the interview if you want the interview tape-recorded. If after the interview you think you have missed out any relevant information, you must tell your legal representative as soon as possible. Your legal representative only has five days to submit extra information.

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